Znaniye Education Centre  
  • Introduction

    Russian School Znaniye, is one of the oldest supplementary education centre which provide Russian language skills for all ages, in London. Our main focus is on children starting from the age of three and moving on to do their exams including GCSE's and A-levels. We also give Adult Russian Classes and one to one tuitioning. Our school and specialists cater to improve Russian of all individuals, regardless of their age or the level of their knowledge. Wheather you are just a beginner or come from a Russian speaking background, Znaniye would love to take this opportunity and welcome you to our education centre.

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  • Mission

    Among the numerous supplementary education points in London, we differ for our passion in bringing Russian to individuals of all ages and stages. Not only do we want you to master this language, we also would like you to understand and enjoy it. Russian School Znaniye, is not another language college, it's a school where you learn Russian culture, art, and drama. Furthermore, you will always have opportunities to be involved in various Russian associated events happening in London and be part of the wider Russian community. Our mission is not accomplished when you say "Privet" correctly – it's accomplished when you love to say it.

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  • Our Promises

    1) Significant improvement in academic Russian from any level.
    2) Exceptional teaching! No more simple handouts or accessible, plain textbooks. Each year our students receive new textbooks from Russia for reading, writing and literature separately.
    3) Assurance in safe environment with all the Ofsted and National Council reviews and comments.
    4) All years are taught separately and all the students are carefully decided on when moved into a class.

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